Elation Lab & Production has over the 40 years background of groundbreaking research and developments of the electroacoustic transducer systems. Each Elation capsule is a subject of dedicated research in electroacoustics therefore may come out with the look of an alien device. It sometimes has the shocking appearance but when you plug the microphone in - you realize you hear no difference between the real sound source and the sound in the control room. Each Elation microphone's preamplifier features its principal schematics to bring no coloration or audible presence of it in the signal from the capsule. Pure amplification, no interference brought to the acoustics.

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The KM901 is a real success and anyone who tried the KM901 so far was truly impressed by its warmth and clarity. Some say the KM901 is a serious competitor to U87 and the ancient Neumann mics. Besides the three polar patterns the KM901 features three low frequency cut modes and three sensitivity modes with the highest level of 50 mV/Pa with no additional noise.

** Three polar patterns (cardioid, omni and figure of 8).

** Three low cut positions (flat, 150Hz, 300Hz)

** Three output level positions (Pad -10 dB, 0, +6 dB) (Increased sensitivity level does not affect self noise or SPL level)

** Capsule sensitivity is 25 mV/Pa (when +6 is on the sensitivity increases to 50 mV/Pa for more delicate pickup with no extra noise)

** Dual capsule diameter features advanced "UFO" capsule system design.

** Hand assembled/tuned capsule system.

** Selected electronics.

** Robust constriction.